Saudi Arabia to push for hosting rights of 2034 World Cup after losing out to Spain in bid for 2030 tournament

Spain, Portugal and Morocco were officially awarded the hosting rights for the 2030 World Cup on Wednesday, which sees the iconic tournament come to Spanish shores for the first time since 1982.

Spain’s bid defeated consortium from South America (although the first three matches of the tournament will be held in the continent) and Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Greece.

However, within minutes of being confirmed as losing out on the hosting rights for 2030, Saudi Arabia out their hat in the ring to host the World Cup four years later. An official statement from the country’s Football Association confirmed their intention to bid for the event in 2034.

“Led by the Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF), the bid for 2034 intends to deliver a world class tournament and will draw inspiration from Saudi Arabia’s ongoing social and economic transformation and the country’s deep-rooted passion for football.

“Saudi Arabia’s inaugural FIFA World Cup bid is backed by the country’s growing experience of hosting world-class football events and its ongoing plans to welcome fans across the world to the 2023 FIFA Club World Cup and 2027 AFC Asian Cup.”

It’s too early to say who Saudi Arabia will be up against in the bidding process, but it certainly won’t be Spain. Their World Cup hosting cravings will be satisfied in 2030, in what promises to be an incredible occasion.

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