Qatar controversially introduces late ban for World Cup fans

The already disputed Qatar World Cup has just gotten a little more controversial after the organisers made a last-minute change to the drinking laws for the tournament. 

Fans were expected to be allowed to drink in and around the stadiums in the Islamic country only for the period of the World Cup, but the organisers have now changed this and alcohol is now banned from the stadiums with just two days to go until the tournament starts, reports Sky Sports News.

This is a huge change for the fans travelling to the tournament as most western societies associated beer with sporting events and after saying it was ok once hidden, the tournament organisers have now gone back on that.

With regards to drinking in public places, which is banned in Qatar, fans were originally allowed to drink everywhere in the stadium apart from their seat – which is what is done in England.

This seemed an acceptable rule as it respected both cultures but the total banning of beer will now likely cause problems, not only for fans but for sponsors such as Budweiser, whose beer was set to be sold at the stadiums, which will now be a contractual nightmare for FIFA.

After the country went back on another one of its promises for the tournament, the beer brand responded with a tweet saying: “Well, this is awkward,” before it was eventually deleted.

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