No Conte resolution is typical of club

It’s already been a week since that epic and truly incredible Antonio Conte rant, after Tottenham managed to throw away a 3-1 lead against Southampton and draw 3-3.

Seven days. 168 hours. 10,080 minutes.

All of that time, and still Spurs fans are none the wiser as to whether chairman Daniel Levy is actually going to relieve the Italian of his duties or not.

It’s a situation that is so typically Tottenham. The dilly dallying, the failure to make a quick decision and the issues that follow as a result.

Where is the leadership and the drive from the top? Precisely the sort of things that Conte himself was talking about.

How all those at White Hart Lane just bumble along accepting things as they are because it’s the way it’s always been at Tottenham.

If the north Londoners really do believe that they are an elite Premier League club, then they need to start acting like one, and that means from the very top down.

Being ‘Spursy’ has become a byword for failure and that should be getting under the skin of every single player, coach and employee.

Conte spoke about responsibility and things not being acceptable.

It’s time Levy or whomever else may play a part in the decision making process grabs this particular situation by the scruff of the neck and makes it abundantly clear if Conte has a future at the club or not.

If he hasn’t, then a new incumbent needs to be in place by the time any Conte announcement is made.

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