‘You have obligations’: Christophe Dugarry blasts Eden Hazard for ‘shameful’ interview

Eden Hazard’s interview with France Football was an honest reflection on the player’s approach to his playing career, where he spoke freely about his struggles with confidence and fitness. However, for some Hazard perhaps spoke too freely. 

The player confessed that during the summer before his move from Chelsea to Real Madrid, he had allowed himself to relax after a phenomenal season scoring a season-high 21 goals with the London club. “Barbecues, rosé, everything. And that’s what allowed me to reset and start again.”

Hazard was strongly criticised for arriving in Madrid five kilos overweight, it was a poor start to life at his new club, and unfortunately, it never picked up for the player who was meant to replace Cristiano Ronaldo (39) from that point. Hazard’s stay was undone by recurrent injuries and an inability to find the form that had made his stunning career appear so effortless. 

Still, the player had few regrets for how his career ended. He had made no plans to carry on playing into his forties. He wanted to enjoy life rather than be constrained by professional game’s strict diets and fitness regimes. “I’m a bon vivant, I like to eat, and with friends, we have a drinkpeople tell me to be careful.

Eden Hazard told ‘To promote this nonsense is a shame

These comments sat poorly with Christophe Dugarry as the retired FC Girondins de Bordeaux forward talked to Rothen s’enflamme

It’s very easy to say this now but it should have been said before. It’s when you sign your multi-million contract that you should tell the president that you’re going out that evening.” Dugarry continued, “Did he say to his manager and teammates that he was getting drunk and that he didn’t like running in training? Football is a professional and team sport. You have obligations.” 

The World Cup winner with France felt the interview reflected poorly on Hazard and that he should have been more ashamed of his conduct. “You can’t respect everything to the letter but to promote this nonsense is a shame. Hazard was a great player but it’s a shame for the supporters who paid to see him play when he was drunk the day before.” 

Dugarry finished by stating that “his interview is making fun of the world of football. If you want to act like a courageous guy, you have to say it before. Why didn’t he tell Zidane this before being signed by Real Madrid for €100 million euros.”

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