West Ham set to make ‘huge’ acquisition in 2023 amid takeover talk

Former West Ham striker Frank McAvennie says the club could look to buy the London Stadium if the expected takeover happens.

Following his investment in the club back in  2021, Daniel Kretinsky has been rumored to trto complete takeover this summer.

“It’s a strange one because the club is going to be sold this year by all accounts, so why would the owners want to spend money when they’re selling?” McAvennie told West Ham Zone.

“I just don’t get it. I don’t know what’s happening at the club.

“Last I heard was they can’t sell the club until 2023 and they can buy the huge football stadium and all that kind of stuff this year apparently.

“It’ll be a good idea if they buy the stadium, get someone in.

Somebody came in and took a lot of shares and by all accounts they’re the ones that is going to be running the club. So we’ll see what happens.

“We’ll watch this space because at the moment Mr. Sullivan is still running things day to day, I don’t know how long that’ll happen for but I didn’t think he’d be in it for as long as he has. So fair play to him.”

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