Video: “**** You” – Inter Milan legend Marco Materazzi reveals why he swore at Jose Mourinho when he left San Siro

Inter Milan legend Marco Materazzi has revealed that he swore at his former coach Jose Mourinho when he left San Siro leaving them with Rafael Benitez.

The incident happened after Inter’s Champions League triumph in 2010, where Mourinho decided to make a swift exit from the Bernabeu and not travel back to Italy with the rest of the squad.

However, Materazzi spotted his coach on his way out, which prompted Mourinho to turn back and embrace his defender with a hug as the pair sobbed.

In an interview with Italian Football TV, Materazzi admitted that he jokingly said “F*** You” to Jose Mourinho because he was leaving him with Rafael Benitez.

“I told him “f**k you” because he was leaving me with Benitez.”

He also revealed that he had been a fond admirer of Mourinho, who knew the names of all their children and wives, and had never previously been treated in the same way by any other former coach.

“Mourinho was special, he knew the names of all our children and our wives.“

“Nobody else had ever done that for me. For me it was not a big surprise, but for my wife, when he met her and said “hello Daniela”, it was.”

Mourinho spent two years with Inter Milan, winning 5 trophies, including a Serie A, Coppa Italia, and Champions League treble before moving to Real Madrid in 2010.

Watch the clip from the interview below:

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