Van der Vaart appears to agree with Conte

It appears that Tottenham Hotspur are fair game for anyone to have a pop at them after their sacking of Antonio Conte, with ex-star Rafael van der Vaart, the latest to go in hard, accusing his old team of being scared of winning.

Conte’s epic rant, which was only ever going to end in his sacking, included him hinting that Tottenham’s lack of belief was their ‘story,’ intimating that things had always been that way at White Hart Lane.

In light of their draw against Everton thanks to a last-minute equaliser by Michael Keane, the Dutchman has made similar remarks.

Speaking on Radio Five Live he said: “It’s a little bit of the story of Tottenham of the last few years […] now I have the feeling they are so defensive […] you can be scared of losing but it looks like they’re scared of winning.”


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