Tensions rising between Barcelona and Real Madrid as customary event is set to be cancelled

Barcelona and Real Madrid have become increasingly close in recent years, as their interests have aligned. However El Caso Negreira threatens to return the two opposing sides of the ring.

Over the weekend Real Madrid called an emergency board meeting after the charges of continuous corruption were submitted by the Spanish Prosecution against Barcelona. They then confirmed that they would be attending the case as a claimant.

According to MD, the tension between the two clubs is on the rise. Generally ahead of El Clasico, occurring this Sunday, the two Presidents will meet for lunch ahead of the game. In light of recent events, that dinner is set to be cancelled.

The institutional links between Barcelona and Real Madrid, as well as between Joan Laporta and Florentino Perez, are multiple and entrenched. It seems more likely than not that their shared interests will lead to a thawing of that relationship in time, but no doubt as the matter remains fresh in the mind, it may mean a less friendly Director’s box on Sunday.

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