Spanish soccer, a pressure cooker about to explode due to the ‘Negreira case’

The pressure is growing on Spanish soccer and it feels as though there is an explosion waiting to happen after incidents over recent weeks.

The ‘Negreira case’ has called into question our league and has caused many of those who are part of it to doubt everything.

This has led to an atmosphere of tension at all levels. Nobody shuts up anymore, all parties have their say and at the same time more details are becoming known about a matter that looks set to get much uglier, with Barcelona and the referees at the center of the controversy.

Outrage in the stadiums

It was to be expected that fans would react and protests have been held in many stadiums in Spain over the issue.

At Estadio San Mames they handed out blue and red cash notes (in the colors of Barcelona) with the word MAFIA and the Barcelona crest, which were thrown from the stands.

“Going down” was chanted by fans and the atmosphere was very hostile, something that Xavi did not expect, as he acknowledged after the match.

“I am surprised by the hostile atmosphere at San Mames and it saddens me,” he reflected post-match.

Already in the Copa del Rey Clasico at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu the chant “Corruption in the Federation” was chanted.

“We love soccer, let’s banish corruption,” a banner unfurled at an Alaves match over the weekend read, even with Barcelona not involved.

Coaches and players are no longer silent

It is not only the fans who are speaking out as some players and coaches are no longer biting their tongues.

The controversy in San Mames, with an Inaki Williams goal disallowed, caused indignation among the Athletic players, with the player himself laughing.

Nervousness among referees

The referees are far from being oblivious to everything that happens, as was clear at the press conference to defend the honor of the refereeing profession.

The confrontations between them did not help either. For example, Xavier Estrada Fernandez’s complaint against Negreira and his son, something that led to him being frozen out.

And while all this is going on outside the playing fields, many controversies are taking place on the pitch as referees are more nervous and indecisive than ever in their decisions.

Jesus Gil Manzano was in the eye of the storm for sending off Angel Correa in the derby between Real Madrid and Atletico, which led the latter club to issue a statement complaining.

Real Madrid’s videos

Los Blancos have been the latest to join the cause against Barcelona’s actions in this matter and many were surprised by their silence and their refusal to be part of the joint statement of LaLiga against the ‘Negreira case’ until March 12, when the club issued a statement following the complaint against Barcelona by the Prosecutor’s Office.

However, before that statement, a video from Real Madrid TV pointed to Carlos Clos Gomez, director of the VAR Project.

The feeling is that the ‘Negreira case’ has given free rein for everyone to express their opinions and not bite their tongues, and everything has repercussions on what is seen on the pitch.

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