Sevilla file official complaint against Barcelona over Camp Nou ticket sales

In recent weeks, there has been plenty of ticket controversy involving both El Clasico clubs. Barcelona refused to sell tickets individually to Espanyol fans for the Derbi Barceloni at the end of December, while Real Madrid gave Atletico Madrid fans just 600 tickets for their Copa del Rey clash in January.

Now, Barca have enraged another La Liga side with their handling of ticket sales to opposition supporters. Ahead of tomorrow’s La Liga fixture, Sevilla have released a statement announcing that they have filed a formal complaint to La Liga over the league leaders preventing selling tickets to their fans.

“Sevilla FC has filed a formal complaint with FC Barcelona against the Barca club’s measure to prevent the sale of tickets to Sevilla fans, as well as to prevent them from accessing them with team colours, while sending this same complaint to LaLiga for its knowledge.

“Sevilla FC wants to show its surprise and disagreement at the warning that is transferred to the fans interested in acquiring a ticket in the official channels of Football Club Barcelona for the match that will be played this Sunday at the Nou Camp at 21:00pm. This warning literally states: “Purchase for fans of Sevilla Football Club is prohibited. Fans wearing Sevilla Football Club clothing or emblems will be denied access to the stadium.”

“The club does not understand that the message is provided or adjusted to the regulations, even if the match has been declared high risk, that a Sevilla Football Club fan cannot access the stadium wearing or wearing a shirt or scarf of his team.”

It remains to be seen whether La Liga will take action, with it not being the first time that a club has been unhappy with Barcelona’s actions.

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