Premier League clubs on alert as Super League back on the agenda

Although the thought of a European Super League looked to have died a death, it could soon be back on the agenda of clubs across the continent.

That’s because a ruling is due to be made shortly, and if it falls in favour of A22, a European sports development company who are seeking to move the game forward, it really does put the cat amongst the pigeons as far as UEFA and all of its member clubs are concerned.

A broad agreement was made amongst a number of clubs in 2021, which included Liverpool, Man City, Man United, Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea, but it quickly collapsed because of the pressure put on all of the clubs across Europe by their supporters.

It was evident that, certainly in the form it had been presented at that time, fans wanted nothing to do with it.

Club owners were even forced to publicly apologise for essentially not reading the room correctly.

Journalist and CaughtOffside columnist, Ben Jacobs, has posted an update on X (formerly Twitter) regarding a recent statement from A22.

The words used could be interpreted as the company trying to put some outside pressure on those making the decision, though they’re hardly likely to be swayed one way or the other by that.

Were the European Court of Justice to rule against A22’s proposals, it’s hard to see how any Super League, in whatever form, could be resurrected at a later stage.

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