Matt Doherty claims Harry Kane should not be taking the free-kicks for Spurs anymore

Matt Doherty has discussed the players he would select for his FPL squad in an interview with Fantasy Premier League.

He named two Tottenham Hotspur players that he believed everyone should have in their team, as well as making a significant claim about Harry Kane’s free-kick effectiveness.

The two players he selected for his dream team were Dejan Kulusevski and Harry Kane. He explained his selection saying:

“I’m going to go for Kulusevski, because he’s just so good at football. You can see when we don’t have him, how much we miss him. He just creates an awful lot, crosses into the box, going past people. So dynamic, he makes a huge difference to the team.

“For pure fantasy reasons, whenever he plays he seems to be involved in a goal, in scoring a goal, or making big plays.”




And when it came to selecting a forward, Doherty had no hesitation in choosing his teammate Kane. He did, however, suggest that the Englishman should not take free kicks for the team and that Eric Dier should. He said:

“Just, his all-around game. He can pass the ball, he can set goals up, he scores tonnes of goals. He’s on penalties, he’s on free-kicks, even though maybe he shouldn’t be… maybe Eric Dier should be on them.”

That is true. When it comes to taking free kicks, Harry Kane is not the best option for Spurs, as his record demonstrates.

There are several better candidates for the role, including South Korean superstar Son Heung-min and Eric Dier, who has received backing from Matt Doherty.


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