Manchester United youngster Anthony Elanga has now responded to Cristiano Ronaldo’s comments about young players

Manchester United youngster Anthony Elanga has now responded to comments made by Cristiano Ronaldo during his bombshell interview with Piers Morgan.

In the now-viral interview with Piers Morgan, Ronaldo discussed a variety of topics, including his relationship with current coach Erik ten Hag, and he also complained that young players have it too easy and don’t listen to his advice.

Ronaldo told Morgan (via Daily Mail):

‘I don’t think that they don’t respect the more experienced players or the older players, but they live in a different era. I can say that for my kid that’s 12 years old, the mentality is not the same.

‘Their hunger [is different]. I think they have things more easily, everything’s easy, they don’t suffer – and they don’t care.

‘I don’t mean only a few in Manchester United, but all the teams in all leagues in the world, the youngsters are not the same of my generation. But you cannot blame them, because it’s part of the life and the new generation, the new technologies that distract them.

‘They listen but this is why we have two ears, as you listen from one side and they go away from another side.

‘It doesn’t surprise me. But in the same way it’s a shame because if they have the best examples in front of your eyes, and if they don’t at least copy what you did.

‘For me, it’s kind of weird, because I remember when I was 18, 19, 20, I always looked to see the best players in Van Nistelrooy, Ferdinand, Roy Keane, and Giggs – this is why I have the success that I have and longevity. 

‘I take care of my body, my mentality, my head, because I see these guys and I learn from them.’

And now, Anthony Elanga, one of United’s rising stars, has weighed in on the Portuguese’s views. He admitted that he understood his teammate’s remarks. He agreed that being a young player at United today is very different from when Ronaldo was at Old Trafford. He acknowledged that the new generation faces numerous distractions, but reassured his teammate that he has not lost focus. He did, however, seem to disagree with him about youngsters not listening to the senior figures.

He told Swedish outlet Aftonbladet: 

‘Cristiano talks about young players in general. We are a new generation. I am always 100 percent focused on what I am doing, but I can understand what he is saying.

‘There are a lot of phones and a lot of technology. It’s quite easy for young players to get distracted and lose focus. I always focus 100 percent on my job and what I do.

‘Young players at United are listening, but I can understand what he is saying.’

When asked about the interview which has shocked Manchester United, he admitted that he has no clue what has happened behind the scenes as well. He added:

‘It is quite difficult. Everyone has their phones and I have friends in Manchester and in Sweden who want to find out what has happened. I don’t know that myself. I only know what others have heard. Hopefully I will find out the truth.

‘I try to switch off. But everyone is curious, my family is almost the worst, they always want to know. That’s how it is. I might be able to say more after I get back to the club team and find out what actually happened.’

Manchester United are set to sack Cristiano Ronaldo

The interview did not go well at Old Trafford, as the Premier League giants are now planning to fire Ronaldo, according to ESPN.


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