Lineker fall out continues as BBC’s Football Focus and Final Score affected

The BBC have really shot themselves in the foot as far as Gary Lineker is concerned.

Match of the Day’s consummate professional was believed to have been asked to step back from presenting the programme after tweeting about Conservative Party policy, which is apparently strictly against BBC rules.

The issue seems to be that Lineker isn’t a full-time BBC employee but is a contributor/freelancer and as such, perhaps, should be allowed to tweet as he pleases.

It appears that the BBC haven’t seen things that way in this instance, although some of their other ‘on air talent’ such as Lord Sugar are believed to have tweeted in the past with reference to political issues and there hasn’t been the same outcry from the broadcaster.

Unfortunately for the ‘beeb,’ Lineker’s fellow presenters came straight out to stand shoulder to shoulder with him, meaning that Saturday night’s Match of the Day programme will have no presenters or any pundits.

Not long after that, the commentators due to work on the programme also pulled out, meaning that any coverage would have to come via the world feed.

Added to that, the Premier League have now advised that managers and players will also not perform interview duties for the broadcaster, and the latest development is that the BBC’s Football Focus and Final Score output will also be affected.

It’s a huge own goal for the corporation, and one wonders how this situation is going to play out, given that it would seem to be an assumption, rightly or wrongly, that pressure has been put on the broadcaster by the government.

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