Lineker and Match of the Day farce continues as BBC can’t use world feed commentary

If the BBC thought that the situation concerning Gary Lineker was going away anytime soon, their clearly misjudged just how bad things were going to get.

There seems to have been one issue after another that has seen a snowball effect to where we are now, and that, according to The Athletic (subscription required), is a viewing of this Saturday’s Match of the Day without any commentary whatsoever.

After it was decided that Lineker should be stood down from his presenting duties, his colleague Ian Wright was the first to break cover, quickly followed by another MOTD pundit, Alan Shearer.

They were soon followed by those involved with Football Focus and Final Score:

Then the news that Radio Five Live wouldn’t be broadcasting from around the grounds as normal:

A real nail in the coffin for the corporation came when the commentators who would normally work for the show decided that they would also be showing solidarity with Lineker:

And Premier League players and managers would also refuse to undertake their media duties in the wake of the scandal engulfing the ‘beeb’:

It was felt that the corporation could still make use of the world feed for commentary, so even if there were no host or punditry, in itself a huge own goal, the BBC could at least get by with using the world feed’s commentary.

However, as David Ornstein noted in The Athletic, the BBC don’t have the rights to be able to use the global commentary.

It means, therefore, that it’ll be a shorter show, with no introduction, no sound other than crowd noise and no post-match analysis.

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