‘I’ve experienced so many robberies against Real Madrid, I forget the details’ – former Barcelona star

Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal has once again gone public with his dislike of Real Madrid, with fresh statements casting doubt on the integrity of their European trophy haul in recent years.

Formerly of Bayern Munich, Juventus and Barcelona, Vidal has not lacked opportunities to have a crack against Real Madrid, but has a rather frustrating record from his point of view – the 36-year-old has won just four, drawn four and lost eight of his games against Los Blancos.

For Vidal personally, he has been sent off twice against Real Madrid too, in particularly controversial fashion in 2017.

“Sometimes I’m not sure in which exact game against Real Madrid… Against Real Madrid I experienced so many robberies in my career, that sometimes I forget details. They robbed my teams so many times.”

Vidal also sided with his former teammates when asked for comparisons. Sport carried his responses.

“Luis Suarez or Lewandowski? I don’t know if there will ever be a better striker than either of them them. Lewandowski has many qualities, but I prefer Luis Suarez… Suarez has that ‘mischief’ that South American players have, something that Robert doesn’t have.”

Vidal’s words are nothing new in recent times, but it is an admirable grip that he holds on his grudge against Real Madrid, who prevented him from winning a Champions League. Vidal did manage to beat Real Madrid to the La Liga title in 2019.

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