“I’m here to give my opinion!” – Keane and Souness in heated row over penalty given for Messi goal

Roy Keane and Graeme Souness got into a heated exchange during ITV’s World Cup coverage of the game between Argentina and Saudi Arabia.

The two outspoken pundits are some of the finest in the business, so it’s interesting to see them getting into a pretty fierce debate about whether or not Argentina should have been awarded that penalty for the opening goal by Lionel Messi in this morning’s big game.

Messi scored from the spot to make it 1-0 to Argentina, though they are now surprisingly 2-1 down and facing one of the great World Cup shocks if Saudi Arabia hold on.

It was a pretty controversial decision that gave them the early advantage, and Keane was adamant it shouldn’t have been given…

Souness, however, insisted this was not about opinions, and it’s just the rules of the game that the contact in the box meant it needed to be given, as instructed by FIFA.

Keane insisted he would continue to give his opinion, though Souness wasn’t too happy as he insisted his fellow pundit needed to let someone else speak as well.

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