“I didn’t come to earn money, if I could play for free I would” – Santi Cazorla on Real Oviedo return

There have been multiple emotional homecomings in football over the last few weeks. Sergio Ramos returned to Sevilla earlier this week, while Santi Cazorla made his way back to Real Oviedo last month, 20 years after he left the club as a teenager.

As part of the deal, Cazorla waived all-but 10% of his image rights, with that portion going towards funding the club’s academy. The 38-year-old will also earn the minimum wage possible while at Oviedo.

However, if Cazorla had his own way, he would be playing without a wage, but he is only earning one as LaLiga requires that all players receive some sort of income, as per Alexandra Jonson.

“I didn’t come (to Oviedo) to earn money. If I could play for free I would, but because of LaLiga rules I have to earn a minimum wage.

“The club made me a fairly acceptable offer, but I rejected it. I didn’t come for money, I came out of excitement and to give everything. It’s my club and I want to help. That’s why I put in those conditions, they accepted it and helped me make it so it will help the academy and the club.”

Cazorla is yet to make his debut for Real Oviedo despite having signed a month ago, but when he does finally make his bow, it is surely to be a memorable occasion.

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