FIFA ban England from wearing OneLove armband and Harry Kane could be booked for doing so

FIFA have banned England from wearing the OneLove armband during their World Cup opener against Iran.

The controversy surrounding the World Cup in Qatar has been widely publicised and the latest incident involves nations looking to wear the OneLove armband during their games.

Now, according to the Telegraph, FIFA have banned England from wearing the armband, and captain Harry Kane could receive a booking as soon as the game kicks off if he decides to wear it, breaking the rules set by FIFA.

Once again, the major talking points leading up to the tournament are focused heavily on controversy which isn’t what any football fan desires when the World Cup is set to begin.

England did initially decide to wear the armband, but if there is going to be repercussions of a booking for Kane, they may decide to change their mind.

Slapping a fine on England’s head is unlikely to deter them, but when it affects them on the pitch, they may have to reconsider their standpoint, which is a real shame as it’s great to see the country standing firm.

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