Everton’s Sean Dyche reopens war of words over Kane

It was a coming together that has prompted some debate in the world of football, and Everton manager, Sean Dyche, has reopened his war of words with Harry Kane and Tottenham after the Spurs captain’s conduct in getting his player, Abdoulaye Doucoure, sent off when the two teams met recently.

What seemed to be a reasonably innocent coming together at first, ended with Doucoure raising his hands in Kane’s face, and the England captain going to ground and staying there.

Dyche was clearly incensed at the time, waving his arms to the officials to suggest that they surely couldn’t be taking the incident seriously.

Despite being in the past, it’s fairly clear that the Everton chief hasn’t moved on from it just yet, saying in his press conference for the upcoming game against Manchester United that:

“He (Doucoure) certainly doesn’t need to apologise. At the end of the day, he knows you can’t raise your hands. I thought at one point he might have snapped his (Kane’s) eyelash which would have been tragic. But he seemed to be responding OK.”

Each game for the Toffees now is a ‘must win,’ with three points welcomed in order to haul them out of the relegation dog fight that they’re most certainly inattentive this stage.

With nine games left to play, Everton still have to meet Newcastle and Man City from the top end of the table, along with Man United, and also Leicester, Bournemouth, Wolves and Crystal Palace, who are all within three points of the Goodison Park outfit and needing a points boost themselves.

Without Doucoure, Everton’s attempts at salvation are made that much harder, so Dyche’s ire is understandable.

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