El Caso Negreira: Leaks show some of the reports that Enriquez Negreira sent to Barcelona

New revelations continue to emerge surrounding Caso Negreira, following confirmation of Spanish prosecutors’ intent to charge Barcelona with “continuous sporting corruption”, which was confirmed last week.

Barcelona claim that they paid Enriquez Negreira, former Vice President of the Referee’s Committee, for scouting reports and reports on particular referees which were used by the first team in order to better manage them on the pitch.

The first example of these reports has been leaked, as per Libertad Digital. The letters were seized following a home search of former Barcelona director Josep Contreras, who died in December.

The reports, titled as “confidential arbitration reports”, were typically two to three pages long, and were strewn with spelling mistakes. One example shown was for the match between Barcelona and Mallorca in 2012, which was refereed by Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva.

The report focused of personal data on Iglesias Villanueva surrounding his record for Barcelona and Mallorca, while a personal profile was also listed.

Barcelona President Joan Laporta has maintained the club’s innocence throughout the process, and he is in the process of conducting an internal investigation on El Caso Negreira.

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