Cristiano Ronaldo’s son produces hilarious reaction to hearing his dad had been suspended

Cristiano Ronaldo’s son reacted in a hilarious way after he was told Manchester United had suspended his dad.

Ronaldo recently revealed his side of the story in an explosive interview with Piers Morgan.

The Manchester United forward dug out the hierarchy at the club including manager Erik ten Hag.

After refusing to come on as a substitute, Ronaldo was suspended by the club, and his son reacted in a hilarious, heart-warming way.

“But I remember arriving home and Cristiano see me and say ‘Daddy do not go to the game?’ I say ‘No because the club punish me with three days. And he did like *laughs* ‘How they’re going to punish you if you are the best player in the world and you’re not gonna play?’ I said ‘No I’m not gonna play because I have not been behaving’. And he look at me like, ‘My Daddy not be behave, what?” Said Ronaldo.

Understandably, Ronaldo’s son isn’t going to understand the full situation at such a young age, and it’s great to see him sticking up for his dad.

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