Concern raised with FIFA about integrity of Qatar’s results

FIFA have received an integrity alert ahead of the World Cup’s opening game as Qatar’s results in the build-up to the tournament have come into question. 

The host nation’s games have seen an unusually high number of penalties awarded their way throughout friendly matches and the point has been raised by FIFA’s integrity partners over the last few days, reports the Daily Mail.

It has been suggested that a high number of spot-kicks were awarded to ensure that Qatar achieved positive results in the tournament build-up, but this claim cannot be verified.

The reason for this, is a result of Qatar playing five of their games behind closed doors over the summer, with even sponsors and dignitaries kept away from their training ground and little information relayed to the public.

Qatar team

The host nation are the third-lowest ranked team in the whole tournament and the lowest in their group and it is expected that they might not win a single game at the World Cup.

The Qatar national team will be under some pressure to perform being the host nation but this is yet another little controversy in the most controversial World Cup in history.

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