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England W – Germany W

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Wembley Stadium

By Peter Vice

It was confirmed yesterday that attacker Klara Bühl had not tested negative in time to rejoin the German women’s national team squad in time for today’s European Championship final against England. 

DFB attacker Klara Bühl Steffen Prößdorf CC-BY-SA 4.0

The German women’s national team will once again have to do without one of their peak performers in today’s European Championship Final against England. On Saturday, it was revealed that Klara Bühl will remain unavailable after the 21-year-old did not return a negative COVID test in time to allow her to be able to rejoin the squad from her enforced isolation.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, DFB trainer Martina Voss-Tecklenburg emphasized the importance of following UEFA protocols in the matter, while also reporting that the FC Bayern München forward remained asymptomatic. Voss-Tecklenburg expressed the hope that, should Bühl test negative on Sunday, she could come to the stadium to cheer on the team from the stands.

Bühl was replaced by 19-year-old Jule Brand in the 2-0 semi-final victory over France on Wednesday. The new Wolfsburg signing was widely regarded to have done a serviceable job. Voss-Tecklenburg did not specifically commit to starting Brand again, though the scenario does seem likely. There remain others, including the cleared-from-COVID Lea Schüller, who could start alongside Alexandra Popp and Svenja Huth.

Posted before the match begins

England W

Euro Women
England W – Sweden W 4-0
1 M. Earps
3 R. Daly ↪87
7 B. Mead ↪86
9 E. White ↪57
10 G. Stanway ↪87
11 L. Hemp
14 F. Kirby ↪79
2 L. Bronze
6 M. Bright
4 K. Walsh
8 L. Williamson
13 H. Hampton
21 E. Roebuck
17 N. Parris
18 C. Kelly ↩86
19 B. England
20 E. Toone ↩79
5 A. Greenwood ↩87
12 J. Carter
15 D. Stokes
22 C. Wubben-Moy
16 J. Scott ↩87
23 A. Russo ↩57
Germany W

Euro Women
Germany W – France W 2-1
1 M. Frohms
9 S. Huth ↪90
11 A. Popp
22 J. Brand
3 K. Hendrich
5 M. Hegering ↪81
17 F. Rauch
6 L. Oberdorf
13 S. Däbritz ↪69
15 G. Gwinn
20 L. Magull ↪68
12 A. Schult
21 A. Berger
7 L. Schüller
10 L. Freigang
14 N. Anyomi
16 L. Dallmann ↩68
2 S. Kleinherne
23 S. Doorsoun-Khajeh ↩81
4 L. Lattwein
8 S. Lohmann ↩69
18 T. Waßmuth ↩90

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