Barcelona and Spain star Aitana Bonmati – ‘The institutions have to get their act together’

Barcelona and Spain star Aitana Bonmati has called on the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) to take further action in order to make improvements in women’s football.

After the Luis Rubiales kiss scandal went global, Bonmati was one of 80 players to sign Hermoso’s statement with FUTPRO, declaring that they would not return to Spain duty until there were significant changes.

On Tuesday, Bonmati attended an event in her home town of Sant Pere de Ribes, around 30 minutes drive down the coast from Barcelona. Sport reported her answers.

“It is a topic that causes me fatigue, tiredness. The institutions have to get their act together. Every year it is the same. We should only have to dedicate ourselves to playing football.”

So far Manager Jorge Vilda has been sacked and replaced by Montse Tome, while Rubiales has also resigned. Head of women’s football Rafael del Amo has claimed that that should be enough to lower tensions in the Spain setup. Yet Bonmati would not reveal if she wanted to return.

“I would like this to remain private. I don’t want to extend it into the public domain. It’s an issue between us.”

Neither would she be drawn for her views on Rubiales resignation.

“I’m not going to get into that. There are still things to talk about. It’s a collective issue and we are in contact with the federation.”

“I would like to enjoy such a beautiful day. Not every day should be marked by controversy. We deserve to enjoy our successes and it seems like a lie but we are not doing it.”

Asked about the march towards equality, Bonmati highlighted that it is merely the beginning of the challenge.

“We have a long way to go. If I start, I won’t stop. We have opened a path, but there is still a long stretch to go.”


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