Barcelona Advisor to Joan Laporta criticised for sharing anti-immigrant sentiments on social media

Barcelona Advisor Enric Masip, who is an advisor and close to President Joan Laporta, has defended his activity on Twitter/X, declaring that he is simply informing of what is happening on the street. Masip has in the last week been sharing a number of posts with anti-immigrant sentiment.

Masip’s account is currently awash with retweets sharing information that advocates against immigrants in Spain. Some of the tweets attribute male violence against women mostly down to immigrants, while also accusing immigrants of ‘destroying Spain’.

Masip was contacted following the sharing of these tweets to double-check his account had not been hacked.

“I am not giving my opinion,” Masip told El Periodico.

“I try to present relevant information and situations. I only express what is happening and what is happening on the street,” while espousing his right to “give visibility to what is happening.”

“I am not against immigration. The legal type. I am not against the LGTBI community either, although there are situations that I do not share and that are shameful. But I will not express it on social networks.”

It is not the first time that the political views of Laporta’s board have come under scrutiny. His ex-brother in law Alejandro Echevarria, who continues to exercise influence over club decisions without a formal position at the club, was initially forced to resign from the board due to his links to the Francisco Franco Foundation. The former Spanish dictator tried to eliminate Catalan identity during nearly four decades of persecution, and Echevarria was part of a society dedicated to his memory.

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