Who Has the Best Co-Star of the Remaining Playoff Teams?


  • Karl-Anthony Towns transforms game to succeed on both ends of the floor.
  • Pascal Siakam provides needed physicality and consistency to Pacers offense.
  • Kyrie Irving and Luka Dončić create historic offensive backcourt for Mavericks.



With NBA Playoffs Conference Finals in full effect, we’ve seen some of the league’s best talent on full display, while many have debated who the best remaining player is.

Whether it be Luka Dončić and Anthony Edwards out West, or Jayson Tatum and Tyrese Haliburton out East, each of the teams left have a bonafide star to lead the way, but a lot more can be said for the players around them.

Having seen some amazing performances from players on each team, no supporting player has stood out more than these four:

4 Karl-Anthony Towns

The X-factor for the Wolves’ success

Karl-Anthony Towns Minnesota Timberwolves

Karl-Anthony Towns completely altered the course of his career during the Minnesota Timberwolves playoff run.

He provided a steady, offensive presence for the Timberwolves throughout these playoffs and improved his defense dramatically, becoming an asset on both sides of the ball.

Despite lacking the necessary discipline and agility to truly excel on that end, he has still thrived, utilizing his size and strength to his advantage.

Matching up against some of the greatest players to ever play, Towns deserves a lot of credit for acknowledging his flaws and doing everything in his power to address them.

Standing at 7-feet, with the range of a guard, Towns is not just one of the greatest shooting big men of all time, but one of the greatest shooters to ever play the game.

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Comparing him to some of the greatest shooters to ever play, just shows how unique of a talent he is, but that isn’t even the best part of his game.

Spending much of last season adjusting to the addition of defensive stalwart Rudy Gobert , Towns slimmed down dramatically, increasing his mobility and agility with the ball and on defense.

With Gobert occupying most of his time in the paint, Towns has had to morph his physical, back to the basket type of game to playing on the wing and attacking close-outs.

These sacrifices and adjustments to his game are what allowed the Timberwolves to succeed and defend at such a high level this season. Coupling that with his already amazing offensive ability, helped the Wolves make that jump to contention.

Now in an 0-3 deficit, the Wolves will rely on Towns that much more to get back in to this series annd dominate inside.

3 Pascal Siakam

A much-needed physical presence for the Pacers

Siakam MixCollage-15-Feb-2024-11-49-AM-4618-1

After joining the Indiana Pacers midway through the season, Pascal Siakam surely exceeded expectations, providing a necessary contrast to their style of play.

The Pacers have been known to put up an absurd amount of points on offense to combat their lack of physicality and size inside. Their run and gun-styled offense really accentuates the abundance of speed, shooting and creating on their roster, but relying on that alone would set them up for failure in the playoffs.

Acquiring Siakam, despite his limitations, was perfect for evolving their offense and adding layers to their game.

Now, the team does not rely solely on transition and Haliburton to generate offense. They have shown confidence in Siakam’s ability to score in the half-court, utilizing him and his strength as a weapon around the basket.

With his game relying so little on shooting, the Pacers can always count on him to even out their offense and get a forceful basket inside.

Though the Pacers now find themselves in an 0-3 deficit, that does not take away from the fact that Siakam has been spectacular for the better part of this series, truly making his mark on the team.

This season, Siakam has had career highs in efficiency, adding a necessary dichotomy to the Pacers’ high-volume offense. Without even mentioning his excellent defense, he provides just the level of consistency the Pacers need.

2 Kyrie Irving

Kyrie’s veteran presence and pace has been a difference maker for the Mavs

Kyrie Irving Dallas Mavericks

This year, more than any other, Kyrie Irving has reminded everyone of his greatness and finally found a place to call home.

Irving has had plenty of standout seasons throughout his career, as a pivotal piece of some contending teams, but he has failed to find any sort of consistency in recent years.

Though a lot of his misfortunes were self-inflicted, Irving’s talent was never in question. Fans only questioned whether his immense talent and skill would continue to translate to winning and production on the court.

More than any other team, the Dallas Mavericks have invested in Irving and his future, and now the two are a match made in heaven, as Irving returns to the impact player he once was.

The Mavericks have a 39-19 record with Irving on the court this season, and his presence allows Dončić the opportunity to play without the ball and vice versa. The two are excellent creators with outstanding footwork, and pairing them together in a single backcourt is a dream come true.

Irving is one of the best in the league in transition, with possibly the greatest handle of all-time, while Dončić’s size and strength gives him a physical advantage over any opposing guard in the league.

Before Game 1, former NBA coach Stan Van Gundy spoke about the difficulty Minnesota would face defending these two.

“Minnesota’s top-rated defense is going to be challenged trying to slow them down, arguably the best offensive backcourt in the history of the NBA in Luka Dončić and Kyrie Irving.”

Possessing the talent of an all-time great, Irving is the perfect co-star for Dončić. The two allow each other the flexibility to explore and expand on their various skills, surrounded by various threats around the rim and along the perimeter.

The two, specifically Irving, establishing a rhythm has been the driving force for the Mavericks and their postseason push.

1 Jaylen Brown

Taking on the scoring load for the Celtics

Jaylen GMS 2

After becoming the highest paid player in NBA history, many criticized the Boston Celtics and their decision to extend Brown to such a hefty contract.

The Celtics currently are favorites to win the whole thing, as Brown leads the way.

Possibly the best thing a player can do as a co-star is man the helm, while the superstar struggles. As Tatum continues his shooting woes, Brown has carried the scoring burden for the Celtics and has been absolutely exceptional.

His level of play has only been matched by some of the greatest to ever do it.

Following his game-winner in Game 1 with a lights-out 40-point performance in Game 2, Brown has clearly been the best player for the Celtics in these playoffs. As Tatum rounds back into form, the two will likely make history as one of the league’s greatest duos, winning their first ever championship.

Brown’s uncanny ability to sense when he needs to be assertive and take over is up there with the best of them. He is probably the best transition player in the NBA, and his athleticism allows him to finish above the rim in a multitude of ways.

He has made outstanding leaps as a ball-handler and playmaker, and now he is truly coming into his own.

In order for the Celtics to succeed, they will need him to play like a superstar, rather than a co-star, and elevate his play dramatically. So far, Brown has done just that and more.


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