Video: Chelsea target Victor Osimhen’s furious reaction towards Napoli fans who try to get his autograph

Napoli striker Victor Osimhen reacted furiously at a group of fans who tried to get his autograph while he was in his car as he left the club’s training ground.

The clip shows Osimhen in his car trying to leave the training ground but unable to go through the fans blocking his car, desperate to get his autograph.

And striker could be seen visibly furious as he angrily gestured the fans surrounding his vehicle to move.

Watch the clip below:

The 24-year-old’s relationship with the Serie A giants has become increasingly strained ever since the club’s TikTok account posted two offensive videos about him.

The first video made fun of him for missing a penalty and a second video was potentially racist given the comparison of Osimhen to a “coconut,” which is widely regarded as a racial slur.

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