Sevilla’s Jose Luis Mendilibar on social media – ‘All inventions are for good, but they are all used for bad’

Sevilla manager Jose Luis Mendilibar has always stood out for his strong ideas and internal codes of conduct. The former Eibar manager was never afraid of making statements about the general state of the game, or society, and a recent answer about social media and the digital world has resonated with many.

Speaking ahead of Sevilla’s fixture with Celta Vigo on Friday night, Mendilibar explained that he felt social media was doing more harm than good.

“I’ve never had social media in my life.”

“All inventions are for the good, but they are used for evil. All of them. It is rare that someone on a social network flatters someone, it is usually to go after someone in the wrong way.”

“The players are realising that not all good, it isn’t all this player should go with the national team. The insults also come from other side. I like that there are things like this [holy week in Spain] so that they disconnect and return to normality.”

Mendilibar continued on to say that this was part of a societal trend that he felt was also in the negative.

“Today everything is digital, it goes through the air and we rarely see each other face to face, we talk person to person; that is lost and it sucks in my view.”

As the demands on people and their time increase, more and more people are forced to spend time online, as well as taking the fastest options available for communication.

Recently Athletic Club star Nico Williams shut down his social media after receiving abuse for missing chances against Osasuna on Tuesday. With little regulation, players have become easy targets online.

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