Paul Scholes finally responds to comparisons with Steven Gerrard

Manchester United legend Paul Scholes has now finally opened up on his comparisons with Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard.

The two players have often been compared over the years and debates have been held between fans regarding who is the better player out of the two.

Scholes has now revealed that Steven Gerrard was the supreme athlete and a match-winner for his team.

He also added that Gerrard’s individual bravura separates the two players and he would not have been able to do what the former Liverpool captain did for his teams.

The former Manchester United midfielder believes that Gerrard might have been able to fit into his role at Manchester United but he would not have been able to replace him at Liverpool. The revelations from Scholes suggest that he rates Gerard higher as a player.

He said via FIVEUK: “We’re different, we’re very different… he’s an athlete. I think he’s more of a match winner. But, he was playing in a team where he probably had to be”

“I was more part of a team. He was more individual I think… I wouldn’t be able to do what he did at Liverpool. Whether he could’ve done it at United, I don’t know. I don’t see why not. But I couldn’t have done what he did at Liverpool, no.”

The former Liverpool captain was undoubtedly an inspirational figure on the pitch and he helped the Reds win several matches from impossible situations. His ability to turn the game around all by himself in adverse circumstances was evident throughout his career and the admiration of a rival midfielder like Scholes is hardly a surprise.

That said, the Manchester United midfielder was a world-class player himself and he helped the club win several major trophies throughout his career.

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