NBA Draft Prospect Rob Dillingham’s ‘Preferred’ Team Is Spurs With Wembanyama


  • Rob Dillingham’s preference for San Antonio as a landing spot amplifies the chances of the Spurs drafting him.
  • The Spurs are poised to secure a top prospect in this year’s draft, and Rob Dillingham fits the team’s needs perfectly.
  • Dillingham and Wembanyama could present a unique duo that aligns with Spurs’ future trajectory.

The season is still alive for a handful of teams remaining in the NBA Playoffs. However, for those who didn’t make it, their attention has been directed towards the 2024 NBA Draft.

Although many scouts and experts consider this to be a weak draft class compared to the past years, high-level talent can still be found. Among the top prospects in this draft is Kentucky’s Rob Dillingham, who has made it known that he has a preferred landing spot to start his NBA career: the San Antonio Spurs.

As many prospects are undergoing workouts and trying to gauge draft interest ahead of the draft combine, Dillingham’s camp has been vocal about the guard’s preferred destination. NBA writer Will Eudy reported that Dillingham’s camp is “telling anyone who will listen that his preferred landing spot is San Antonio.” LJ Ellis of SpursTalk doubled down on this sentiment, revealing insider information.

“Multiple scouts have told me it’d be surprising if the Spurs pass on Dillingham due his seamless fit next to Victor Wembanyama. ‘If [Dillingham] is on the board, I’m convinced the Spurs pick him — even with the first pick,’ a scout for a Western Conference team told me.” – LJ Ellis

Dillingham would fill a much-needed point guard hole for the San Antonio Spurs. One of the biggest flaws, if not the biggest, that the Spurs showcased during the 2023-24 season was the lack of direction and security at the lead guard position.

Tre Jones was solid once inserted into the starting lineup, but it was clear his ceiling was limited due to his offensive limitations. The Spurs’ chances of landing Dillingham are quite high, and they could potentially land two opportunities to do so.

Spurs Positioned to Be Able to Land Dillingham

Odds are in favor of the Spurs being able to land the top prospect

San Antonio Spurs 2024 NBA Draft

San Antonio is guaranteed one lottery pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. There is a chance that they can land another lottery pick if they’re lucky enough. In terms of their pick, they have a 42 percent chance of it being a top-four pick. On the other hand, there is also a 46 percent chance that the pick will be either sixth or seventh, but it won’t be lower than ninth.

The second pick the Spurs could potentially receive is via the Toronto Raptors from the Jakob Poeltl trade at the 2023 deadline. The pick is top-six protected, meaning the Spurs will receive the pick only if Toronto lands the seventh, eighth, ninth, or tenth pick in the draft.

There is a 54 percent chance that the pick will convey this season, but if Toronto can retain their selection, San Antonio will own the Raptors’ top-six protected first-round pick the following season.

Since R.C. Buford joined the franchise and was promoted to a high-ranking front office position, he has an incredible track record of draft selections.

Notable San Antonio Spurs Draft Selections under R.C. Buford






George Hill



Dejounte Murray



Derrick White



Keldon Johnson



Devin Vassell



Tre Jones



Jeremy Sochan



Victor Wembanyama

The Spurs have notoriously been one of the more dominant teams in the 2000s, clinching a playoff appearance for an NBA record 22 straight seasons spanning from 1998 to 2019. Therefore, most of their draft picks were outside the lottery but could still find incredible value.

It is worth noting that although Kawhi Leonard was originally selected by the Indiana Pacers in 2011, the Spurs made a draft day trade to acquire him, yet another stellar acquisition in their resume.

The skill set of Dillingham is unlike the prospects that the Spurs typically target. However, Victor Wembanyama is unlike any player who has suited up in the team’s illustrious franchise. Both players are incredibly dynamic and one-of-a-kind, which would result in an unprecedented young duo that could wreak havoc on the league.

Dillingham and Wembanyama Are a Perfect Pairing

Playing styles of the two young stars complement each other greatly

San Antonio Spurs 2024 NBA Draft Rob Dillingham

There may not be a better turn of events for the Spurs than Dillingham falling in their lap at the NBA Draft. During his sole season at Kentucky, he put forth more than enough sample size of his explosive and tantalizing style of play.

Rob Dillingham’s Stats – Kentucky

















Dillingham’s skillset is tailor-made for the NBA’s offensive systems. He is a quick and shifty guard who can maneuver his way to any spot on the court due to his extraordinary athleticism and tight ball-handling ability. His greatest skill is his ability to score, which is what the Spurs need desperately to relieve the offensive burdens of Wembanyama. He isn’t just a great finisher at the rim, but he can score at all three levels.

Dillingham’s an improving playmaker and that was on full display throughout his freshman season, including a nine-assist performance against the Miami Hurricanes in November. The 6-foot-3 guard’s quick first step will be one of his greatest strengths alongside Wembanyama in pick-and-roll action.

Opposing big men won’t be able to play the screen tight due to Dillingham’s ability to blow by them to the basket. He’s too good of a shooter to play drop coverage, knocking down outside shots at a 44.4 percent clip. The other option of blitzing the screen will leave the 7-foot-4 Wembanyama open, who can make the catch for any bad passes and can knock down the three-point shot at 32.5 percent from the field or overall 46.5 percent shooting.

The San Antonio Spurs must secure a point guard for the future this offseason. Wembanyama’s emergence to superstardom has sped up the timeline of the rebuild. Dillingham’s fit alongside the Frenchman is the best of any guard in the draft. It can also save the Spurs in money and assets compared to trading for an established star-level point guard elsewhere. This draft won’t just be telling for the Spurs’ upcoming season but will be imperative for the trajectory of their future.


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