Mayor of Madrid confirms negotiations with Real Madrid over regulation breaches ahead of Taylor Swift concerts

The Mayor of Madrid Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida has confirmed that the council are in talks with Real Madrid over breaches in terms of noise pollution. With renovations on the Bernabeu coming to completion, Los Blancos have begun hosting concerts at the ground.

None bigger than the dates this week to host Taylor Swift on Wednesday and Thursday, with more than fifty trucks currently parked at the Valdebebas training ground to build her set. Swift will no doubt be received by a rapturous crowd, but not by the locals.

On Tuesday morning Martinez-Almeida told Relevo that they they were in discussions with the club over the noise pollution coming as a result of the concerts, and breaches of previous agreements.

“It is obvious that non-compliance is occurring in the area of ​​sound around the Bernabeu as a result of the concerts. That is why we are talking to Real Madrid to find a solution and they have the best predisposition to find it. To make the operation of the Bernabeu compatible with the tranquility and rest of the neighbours. It is a technical issue and it will have to be addressed to see what the best solutions are.”

It is not yet clear whether there will be any consequences for Real Madrid, but as stated by the same outlet last week, the arrival of Taylor Swift is a major date for Los Blancos. If all goes well, then many top US artists will no doubt follow her to the Bernabeu on their European tours, but any hitches could cost Real Madrid millions.

This comes just after nother setback for Real Madrid, as the courts ruled in favour of another collective of locals, that the Madrid Council had started work on two underground car park schemes illegally, as they did not carry out the proper process for planning permission. They can still appeal that sentence, but the car parks, which will provide direct access to the Bernabeu, is due to be leased to Real Madrid Estadio, a company linked to the club, and is projected to make them over half a billion euros in profit over the next 40 years.

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