Marseille warned to improve performances in ‘last calm meeting’ with supporters

The meeting between the Olympique de Marseille players and representatives of the supporter groups went smoothly according to L’Équipe, as the players promised to react before their fixture against FC Metz on Friday. 

The players returned to their training ground, La Commanderie on Tuesday afternoon following their morning sessions, for a meeting with leaders of various supporter groups as part of the ongoing crisis talks that were triggered after a poor start to the year from the Marseille team. 

It was only a short encounter where Gennaro Gattuso and his staff were also present, while club president, Pablo Longoria, and sporting director Medhi Benatia were notably absent. The players assured the supporters that they were aware of their concerns and that they would provide a better showing on Friday. 

Marseille supporters expect quick turnaround 

Despite their assurances, the match against Metz could still have a tense atmosphere before the start of the game. It is expected that there will still be banners in protest at the club hierarchy present in the game. 

A performance against relegation-threatened Metz would not repair the fraying relationship between Marseille and its support, but it might begin the process of soothing the growing tensions. A defeat on the other hand would be unthinkable at this stage, as Foot Mercato reports, a warning was left with the players at the end of the afternoon, if performances did not improve Tuesday would be the “last calm meeting.

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