Jamie Carragher posts Liverpool joke with serious implications following Gary Neville claim

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has posted a jokey comment on social media in response to Gary Neville’s claims on The Overlap about possibly suspicious behaviour by Italian teams from his playing days.

Neville commented that he often felt like some of the games Manchester United played against Serie A sides seemed not right, with the clear implication being that some form of doping seemed like it may have been going on.

Although Neville didn’t name anyone in particular, which should avoid landing him in any trouble, Carragher has joked that it makes Liverpool’s 2005 Champions League final win all the more impressive, implying that AC Milan may have been in on it…

One imagines Milan won’t take too kindly to these comments, with legends of the game such as Carlo Ancelotti, Paolo Maldini and numerous other big names perhaps implicated.

It will be interesting to see if there’s any response to this, but of course one hopes that there haven’t been any illegal uses of performance enhancing drugs anywhere at the highest level of the game.

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