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‘I’m happy to be here to make up for my mistake’ – Metz’s Kévin N’Doram takes charge of training session at LGBT club following homophobic slur

Back in August, FC Metz’s Kévin N’Doram received a one-game ban after using a homophobic slur during a half-time interview with Prime Video Sport. Excuse me for the term, but we played like f**s. We are afraid to play with the ball,” said the midfielder during Metz’s 2-2 draw against Olympique de Marseille. N’Doram, the son of legendary Nantes midfielder Japhet N’Doram, immediately apologised and received a one-game ban from the LFP. 

As part of the LFP’s sanction, N’Doram was also to participate in an anti-homophobia action. On Tuesday, he took charge of a training session at PanamBoyz and Girlz United, a 100% inclusive, LGBT football club that fights against homophobia. The team’s president, which is comprised of 102 players, including 32 women, wrote to the LFP to propose an “intelligent sanction” for N’Doram, who had already participated in an anti-discrimination workshop with the rest of his Metz teammates in June.

‘I am happy to be here to make up for my mistake’ – N’Doram

N’Doram left a good impression as he took charge of the session at the Stade Louis-Lumière in the 20th Arrondissement of Paris. “It’s great, you really get the impression that he’s part of the club. We feel that he really wants to be here,” one of the club’s players told L’Équipe. 

In the presence of the president of the LGBT+ sporting federation, N’Doram addressed the team ahead of the session. “I am happy to be here to make up for my mistake. This kind of action can help. I am proud to show that I want to change things […] I would consider a gay player as a normal teammate. If I heard a homophobic slur, I would call it out,” he said. 

He added, “You can count on me to wear the rainbow shirt,” referring to the LFP’s annual rainbow shirts, which have been part of Ligue 1’s anti-homophobia campaign in recent seasons. As reported by RMC Sport, this campaign may in fact be scrapped, starting this season. 

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