David Gill slams Daniel Levy for his delay tactics during striker transfer

Former Manchester United CEO David Gill has opened up on the transfer of Dimitar Berbatov from Tottenham Hotspur to Old Trafford.

The Red Devils signed the Bulgarian striker after an impressive spell with Tottenham and Gill has now revealed how difficult it was to negotiate with Daniel Levy.

While he was full of praise for the Tottenham Chairman for the way he has protected the club over the years and built an outstanding stadium, Gill believes that the Tottenham chief delayed the transfer unnecessarily and then failed to secure a proper replacement.

Daniel Levy delayed the striker’s move to Manchester United so that he could squeeze a few millions out of the Red Devils towards the end of the window. Eventually, Tottenham sold the player to Manchester United and they had to settle for a replacement in Frazier Campbell on loan.

Tottenham had no time to bring in a quality replacement, despite selling their star striker.

He explained while speaking on Rio Ferdinand’s FIVE: “I think he protects his club. I respect him. I think he is good. What he has done with that stadium is fantastic.

“He can do himself no favours though. An example is when we signed Dimitar Berbatov, we had him all summer and ended up getting him right at the death.

“But he never had a replacement. Fraizer Campbell was due to go on loan to Bolton and Sir Alex had to call him and tell him he was going to Tottenham.

“Daniel probably got another million or two out of us, but he could have got that deal done earlier and had a replacement.”

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