Chairman admits his club wanted to sell defender to West Ham United

Peterborough United chairman Darragh MacAnthony admits his club were were prepared to sell Ronnie Edwards to the Hammers.

MacAnthony says the bid wasn’t sufficient enough and player remained at Peterborough for the season.

“With a week to go in the window his agent, just before the Derby game actually and it really messed with the player’s head, on the Friday he said West Ham are going to offer this, this and this,’ MacAnthony said.

“And all these people saying I’m asking for £8, 9 or 10 million I’m not. I realise being a League One club, it’s not like being in the Championship where you can ask for a lot more money for Ronnie.

“But what I did want was a fair fee and a fair load of add ons, based on Premier League, if it was a Championship club promotion – so all the bits and pieces you pay quite happily, like the Ivan Toney deal at Brentford.

“So we got intimated that this was going to be offered to us by West Ham so we said to the agent if that is offered then we will do a deal with West Ham next week.” – said MacAnthony for The Hard Truth Podcast.

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