West Ham could overhaul the structure at the club if David Moyes is sacked

West Ham United manager David Moyes has been linked with a move away from the club. 

The Hammers have been quite mediocre in the Premier League this season and despite their European exploits, Moyes is walking on thin ice and he could be shown the door if results do not improve in the league.

Sky Sports reporter Dharmesh Sheth has now revealed that West Ham could look to overhaul their structure if Moyes is shown the door in the coming months. Apparently, his replacement could be someone who would just take on the role of a head coach.

“If he is not to remain at West Ham United, I would expect the next manager to come in to be more of the head coach, and probably less control over the recruitment than Moyes has enjoyed over the past few years.

“But I think that that would be a particular kind of manager who would be used to working in that situation whereby they have a technical director who picks the players, and the main role for the boss is not managing, but rather is the coaching. So they would effectively be the head coach rather than the manager.

“So I would expect that to be the next kind of appointment because we’ve said this many times, it’s so much easier to dismiss a manager rather than get rid of 10 players who are on long-term contracts.”

West Ham would give the control of recruitment to a technical director and the new manager would just focus on coaching. The new manager would have less control over recruitment and it is one area where Moyes has had great control over the last few years.

He helped West Ham win the UEFA Europa Conference League last year and the Hammers have done reasonably well in the Europa League this season. It remains to be seen whether they can turn things around in the Premier League.

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