Wayne Rooney responds to Cristiano Ronaldo’s “strange” remarks

Wayne Rooney has responded to former teammate Cristiano Ronaldo’s nasty comments about him during a recent interview with Piers Morgan. 

Ronaldo called Man United and England’s record goalscorer a “rat” and slagged the former striker off about his appearance after Rooney criticised the Portuguese star over his behaviour at the Manchester club.

The Portugal international’s comments were below the belt and have been heavily criticised by many since, but Rooney has given a mature response after the nasty remarks in order to draw some heat away from the topic.

How has Wayne Rooney responded to Ronaldo’s remarks

Speaking on Thursday, after receiving the Player Career Award at the 2022 Globe Soccer Awards in Dubai, Rooney was asked for his thoughts on Ronaldo’s bombshell comments at the ceremony.

The Man United legend responded by saying: “Cristiano is a fantastic player, and as I’ve said before, him and Messi are the two best players to probably ever play the game.

“Again, it is not a criticism, what I said is age comes to all of us and Cristiano, obviously, is feeling that and is finding it hard to deal with.

“Obviously, he has done an interview and it has gone global. Bit strange, some of the comments are strange but I’m sure Manchester United will deal with it once they have seen the full interview and they’ll take whatever action they need to take.”

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