WATCH: Rodrygo Goes reacts to Barcelona Director’s Vinicius Junior tweet – ‘very ugly’

Real Madrid forward Rodrygo Goes has made his feelings clear about Barcelona Director and Spokesperson Mikel Camps, after the latter referred to Vinicius Junior as a ‘clown’ on Twitter.

Camps tweeted out that Vinicius deserved to be hit after the Brazilian was doing stepovers on the touchline against Braga, which he quickly deleted, but not before it had been picked up by the media.

After the match, Rodrygo passed through the mix zone, and was shown the tweet.

“”I don’t know if I can speak, they always encourage us not to speak, but it’s pathetic. There’s not much to say, very ugly.”

It’s hard to argue with Rodrygo, and given Camps deleted the tweet shortly after, it shows that he too knew it was wrong. Barcelona are yet to respond publicly to the incident, but are coming under increasing pressure to do so, as late-night radio shows panned the Blaugrana for their lack of response. Perhaps Camps’ tweet is a window into the issues facing Spain and Spanish football on the whole, and the ignorance related to racism.

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