WATCH: Real Madrid star steps in excrement during title celebrations – Antonio Rudiger’s reaction delivers

Real Madrid’s title celebrations were a joyous occasion on Sunday, as the players gloried in the sun with their adoring fans at Cibeles. One of the main characters was Eduardo Camavinga, but there was an unfortunate B side to his afternoon.

Manager Carlo Ancelotti declared that it was his ‘dream’ to dance with Camavinga, and the Frenchman made his dream come true, albeit it descended into a conga line.

However once off the stage, Camavinga went to fire up the fans close to him, and in the process stepped in horse excrement, left behind by the police horses in the area.

Naturally, squad joker Antonio Rudiger was not far from the scene of hilarity, and enjoyed Camavinga’s misfortune greatly. You can bet that Real Madrid’s next title celebration will involve an unfortunate employee shovelling it at Cibeles to avoid dirtying what are likely some very expensive shoes.

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