WATCH: Real Madrid fans show love for Fede Valverde after assault incident

Real Madrid fans, players and manager have all gotten behind Fede Valverde after he punched another player on Saturday night.

The Uruguayan has not publicly spoken on the incident, despite alleged reports on the provocation that caused him to take such action leaking out. Villarreal midfielder Alex Baena has chosen to press charges after Valverde hit him in the Santiago Bernabeu car park on Saturday night.

Ahead of Real Madrid’s Champions League quarter-final with Chelsea, David Alaba told the press that they were all behind Valverde, while Carlo Ancelotti praised ‘his amazing human qualities’.

During the warm-up Valverde was cheered by the Santiago Bernabeu, who chanted his name in the 15th minute of the match too (15 is his number). Valverde acknowledged the support with a gesture of thanks.

After the match Ancelotti did not speak about the incident again, but did tell Diario AS that he was the best player on the park.

“He was the best on the pitch. He gave us a lot of energy and was very attentive [to danger]. The defensive aspect with Kroos was handled very well. He was spectacular in recovering the ball.”

Valverde is currently awaiting punishment for his actions, with the most likely sanctions to be a fine and perhaps a suspension.

Baena has been presented as the villain of the piece in the press in Spain, but so far there is no evidence nor any public accusation of provocation on his part.

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