WATCH: Lionel Messi escorted out of restaurant in Argentina by police after being mobbed

There’s no such thing as a quiet night out in Argentina for Lionel Messi. The Argentine superstar borders on being deified in his home country after delivering the thrid World Cup in their history last Decemeber, and his worshippers do not miss a chance to see him.

Messi is on international duty with Argentina as they prepare to face Panama and Curacao, in an opportunity to show off the World Cup they won in Qatar to their home fans.

He was out for dinner on Monday night, and the scenes that greated him were in equal measures impressive and frightening.

He was visiting a restaurant by the name of Don Julio, which is ranked 14 in the World’s best restaurants, according to Clarin. It specialises in typical Argentine ‘parrilla’ – grill – cuisine.

Fortunately Messi seemed to take the frenzy in good spirits, despite the claustrophobic nature of his exit from the restaurant.

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