WATCH: Gavi caught taking out Dani Ceballos off the ball during El Clasico

Perhaps one of the most aggressive players in La Liga, Gavi is crucial to Barcelona precisely for that reason. The teenage midfielder has no fear in his game, but it does sometimes lead him into trouble too.

On Sunday night he managed to make it trhough El Clasico without picking up a yellow card, but it was not for lack of trying. As the game entered its final minutes, Dani Ceballos and Gavi were moving upfield after the Real Madrid midfielder had challenged Robert Lewandowski off the ball. Gavi responded by body-checking Ceballos off the ball himself.

It may well have been his own revenge against Ceballos for an earlier El Clasico incident this season, where he was seen pulling Gavi’s hair from behind.

Either way, Gavi can count himself lucky that he did not receive admonishment of some sort. While that aggression is crucial to his game, Xavi Hernandez will be conscious that it sometimes works to his detriment.

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