Warriors’ Draymond Green Epically Trolls Jusuf Nurkic After Suns Playoff Exit


  • Draymond Green trolled Jusuf Nurkić after the Suns were swept in the first round by the Timberwolves.
  • Green mocked Nurkić on his podcast, calling him a “Big Softie”, continuing their ongoing rivalry.
  • The Timberwolves dominated Suns in the first round with a brutal sweep, leading to an offseason of uncertainty for Phoenix.

With the Golden State Warriors already on vacation and missing out on the 2024 NBA Playoffs, Draymond Green had extra time to be a hater. After the Phoenix Suns were swept by the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday night, Green wasted no time trolling his good ol’ nemesis Jusuf Nurkić now that the Suns have joined them in Cancun.

Basketball Forever posted a graphic that indicated that Nurkić had the worst playoff win percentage in NBA history with a minimum of 20 games. Green apparently saw the post and, without hesitation, put it up on his Instagram story and said, “Hope that brother gets the help he needs.”

Draymond Green Went Off On Jusuf Nurkić On His Podcast

What comes around, goes around


Apart from the story, Green also used his platform and took shots at Nurkić on his podcast.

“Unfortunately, that is all folks. The tweet may have spoiled even faster for the Big Softie. You know, you’ve got to be really careful when you’re not that successful, and you try to take jabs at people when you don’t play a large enough role in your team’s success… When you really don’t affect the outcome of the game, it’s really tough to take jabs at people because you can’t affect what the end result is… So, yeah. The Big Softie bowed out.” – Draymond Green

The NBA can be one of the pettiest leagues, and that’s what makes it the best. Calling Nurkić “The Big Softie” is just another level of trolling.

Green is likely just returning the favor, after Nurkic earlier trolled Green and the Warriors when they bowed out of playoff contention a couple of weeks ago by posting a GIF from the Looney Toons saying “That’s all folks”.

The history between these two big men runs deep. It all started after Green clocked Nurkić during a mid-December game earlier this season. The Warriors forward received a lengthy suspension from the NBA as a result. When the two squared off on the court again on February 10th, the brewing rivalry only grew.

For sure, this is only going to continue next season.

Suns Suffer Embarrassing Defeat in the First Round

Timberwolves dominated Suns en route to sweep

Edwards Suns

Nurkic and the Suns simply had no answers for the Timberwolves in their first-round series. Phoenix lost by an average of 15 points in the four-game sweep and watched superstar-in-the-making Anthony Edwards average 31.0 points on 51-44-84 shooting splits over four games. Likewise, the Timberwolves’ size proved too much for the Suns, as seen by the way the rebounding battle went all series long.

Minnesota averaged 46.3 rebounds during the series, while Phoenix tallied 32.5 per game, the worst in the first round. The Timberwolves particularly did their damage on the offensive glass, averaging 13.8 per game against the Suns’ 7.3 through four games.

Despite being the only real answer to Minnesota’s size, Nurkić did not see much playing time. He played just 25.9 minutes per game with subpar averages of 7.8 points and 8.3 rebounds, which were below his regular season marks of 10.9 points and 11.4 rebounds.

Jusuf Nurkic Regular Season vs. Playoffs Stats


Regular Season

















After suffering an embarrassing sweep in the first round, the Suns now face an offseason of uncertainty and potentially a lot of change.


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