Walter Sabatini slams Riccardo Calafiori’s Arsenal move: “It is a disaster”

Famed Serie A sporting director Walter Sabatini has been critical of Riccardo Calafiori’s move to Arsenal, suggesting that it is a ‘disaster’ that he would depart Italy for the Premier League.

Arsenal’s move for Calafiori is inching closer and parties are about to agree a transfer fee too, with Alessandro Lucci working towards the move. Arsenal are well ahead in the race, having come close to beating competition from Bayer Leverkusen, Chelsea and Juventus.

Sabatini recently spoke to Radio Sportiva (via TMW) and he spoke about the possibility of the Serie A losing a player like Calafiori.

He said: “It’s a disaster when strong, young players like him leave our league. €45 million as a valuation is a huge sum but the defenders are paid even more. I think it’s the minimum for someone like him: left-footed, physically imposing, authoritative and with personality in the game.

“Let’s remember what he did in the 96th minute against Croatia: he came out with the ball at his feet, ran forty meters, took on the defense and passed the ball. These are plays you only do if you have quality and courage and the courage to take risks and to execute the action is something only great players can do.”

While Sabatini does raise a fair point, Calafiori playing at a higher level would only help the Italian national team – similar to how Destiny Udogie and Guglielmo Vicario plying their trade at Tottenham would only help the Azzurri in the long term. Serie A is losing a gem but it is on the Italian football structure to produce more players like him and it is on the authorities to create a financial model that helps the biggest Italian clubs keep their players in the country.






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