Video: Real Madrid star Tchouameni gives away one of the most bizarre free-kicks you will ever see

Real Madrid and France midfielder Tchouameni gave away one of the most bizarre free-kicks ever during the match against Netherlands.

The bizarre moment occurred when Tchouameni, who was in full control of the ball, picked it up and threw it out of play towards his own goal.

Initially, confusion and bewilderment erupted on the pitch as players tried to make sense of Tchouameni’s unexpected action. However, it was soon revealed that the midfielder had believed the ball had gone flat and needed replacing.

Although Tchouameni’s intentions were good, the referee blew the whistle for a free-kick and the player found himself on the receiving end of the penalty. Despite trying to plead his innocence, the free-kick was awarded without any card shown to Tchouameni. Luckily, the free-kick did not result in a goal.

Watch the incident below:


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