Tuchel and Müller after Frankfurt debacle: “We weren’t ready.”

FC Bayern München trainer Thomas Tuchel and German footballing legend Thomas Müller weren’t in much of a mood to make excuses following Saturday’s humiliating loss away at Eintracht Frankfurt. 

Müller, as he so often has, promised a “reaction” in the team’s upcoming fixtures. 

“All throughout training we were focused on being venomous and winning,” Müller told the Sky microphones afterwards, “but we didn’t bring that onto the pitch. I didn’t have the feeling that we didn’t want it. They simply pushed harder and forced the issue. That’s how it unfolded.”

“When you have an extra week of prep, you don’t have many arguments on your side,” Tuchel added, “We definitely weren’t ready and were punished severely. The willingness and energy wasn’t there.”

“We pointed this out to the team several times,” Tuchel continued, “but the message didn’t get across. We have to take a good look at ourselves. The team’s performance today was insufficient, and I’m part of the time.”

“Losing 1-5 requires a reaction,” Müller summed up in his interview, “The motives of anger must kick in, but we won’t lose our heads. Things can always get difficult in the world of sport and also here in Frankfurt. I’d prefer it if it all happened in one game so we can pick up again next time. That’s what will happen. We’ll fight back.”

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