Tottenham Hotspur are on the right path under the tutelage of Ange Postecoglou

Ange Postecoglou’s first season at Tottenham Hotspur is almost complete, and while there’s been some negative moments there has certainly been enough positives to suggest that the Australian coach has Spurs on the right track.

Champions League football seems to be slipping from their grasp, a bitter pill for fans accustomed to European nights under the lights. Yet, amidst the disappointment, there are signs of encouragement, glimpses of a brighter future under the stewardship of manager Ange Postecoglou.

Postecoglou’s debut season at the helm of Spurs has been a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows. However, one statistic stands out like a beacon of hope amidst the turbulence: 63 points earned in his inaugural campaign.

To put this into perspective, it surpasses the 61 points Mikel Arteta accumulated in his first full season at Arsenal. While points alone do not tell the whole story, they signify progress and potential for the Lilywhites.

The Gunners have undergone their own transformation under Arteta, demonstrating the rewards that can be reaped with time and faith in a manager’s philosophy. In Arteta’s first two seasons at Arsenal he finished 8th, Postecoglou looks set to deliver a 5th place finish, at the very least, in his debut Premier League campaign.

One notable aspect of Tottenham Hotspur’s journey under Postecoglou has been their resilience. The team has showcased a remarkable ability to bounce back from adversity, amassing 25 points from losing positions in the Premier League. While the trend of conceding first is a cause for concern, it also underscores the team’s fighting spirit and refusal to capitulate in the face of adversity.

Tottenham Hotspur manager Ange Postecoglou.

Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur: The race for the final Champions League spot

Aston Villa host Liverpool on Monday night and anything less than three points would keep Spurs’ Champions League hopes alive, offering a glimmer of optimism. Meanwhile, Tottenham host Premier League title-chasing Manchester City 24 hours later.

Regardless of the outcome, the progress made under Ange Postecoglou should serve as a source of encouragement for the Spurs faithful, a testament to the resilience and potential of a team in transition.

A 5th place finish would be a good season for Spurs

12 months ago there was so much uncertainty surrounding Tottenham Hotspur, mainly with the Harry Kane saga dragging on. Eventually it was realised that the club would be without their club captain and talisman.

With that in mind, Postecoglou has done a terrific job navigating a difficult first term at a club that is hungry for success.

The Australian coach came into a football club that became heavily reliant on Kane’s goals – being the top goalscorer for the club in eight of his last nine seasons – six of which saw him score 20 or more. So, to potentially finish 5th without that incredible goal output from Kane is an achievement in itself in Postecoglou’s first season.

Under Postecoglou’s guidance, the club are laying the foundation for a brighter future, one built on resilience and patience. Another successful summer transfer window under the Aussie could catapult Spurs into top four contention next campaign.

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