Tottenham defender Eric Dier responds to the alcohol ban by Qatar

England and Tottenham star Eric Dier has responded to Qatar’s alcohol ban, which was announced just 48 hours before the World Cup begins.

Despite the fact that Budweiser is an official partner of the World Cup, Qatar decided to prohibit the sale of alcohol in and around the stadium.

This caused massive outrage amongst football fans but many feel that it is a non-issue including Eric Dier. The defender stated that the source of entertainment should be the football on the pitch and that alcohol is not a necessity.

He said (via Football Daily):

“I’d like to think you can enjoy yourself with or without alcohol first and foremost. For me that’s important.

“I think Aaron Ramsdale replied very well yesterday, it’s up to us on the pitch to bring the entertainment. In any football match I play, the entertainment comes from the style of the game, and the type of game.

“It’s up to us as a team and every team in the tournament to bring great football and exciting matches. That’s what is going to create a great atmosphere in the stadiums.

“Football is the most important thing to create that. Players and fans feed off each other, and we have to be the ones to initiate that… I think the football is the fundamental thing in creating that environment.”

Qatar assured those travelling for the World Cup that Budweiser Zero which is a non-alcoholic drink will still be available to purchase and consume.

It is also reported by Sky Sports that the alcohol ban in place will not be for those in the corporate box but will be sold for a very expensive price. The tickets for the corporate hospitality lounges range from £2522 to £4000 which will allow fans to enjoy premium alcoholic drinks and exquisite food.

It is also confirmed by the Qatar World Cup chief that drunk fans will be sent to ‘special sober zones’. Mr Al Khater said:

“There are plans in place for people to sober up if they’ve been drinking excessively.

“It’s a place to make sure that they keep themselves safe, they’re not harmful to anybody else.”

Eric Dier feels alcohol ban is a non-issue

Mass gatherings of drunk fans is uncharted territory for Qatar, the first Muslim country to host the World Cup, and something that goes against their culture and religious beliefs. Their steps to cater to those who drink while not compromising on their values is a major task as they hope to successfully host the tournament.



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